Hi all!


I haven’t updated in months and I feel so bad about that! Life has been flying along.

I’m changing the format of this blog slightly. It won’t be solely dedicated to poetry anymore but I’ll still be posting poetry at times. Its more of an all-encompassing blog on my life and musings as well as art (poetry, videos, music, interviews!)

You can now connect with me more! Check the sidebar on the page, as well as the ‘About Victoria’ section.

Hopefully you rock with the new process! Will update as time goes on.


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Thoughts on Love.

Love is resilient.

Love stretches to fit.

It lasts long as its bonds strengthen with time.

It sticks, and grows stronger the longer it lasts.

It makes its way through a soul.

Rerouting the brain, shocking the nerves, taking over actions. 

 *** *** ***

Love doesn’t matter if it changes nothing.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t change mindsets; if it doesn’t move mountains of thought.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t elicit responses, if it doesn’t make a difference.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rip you to shreds and rebuild you again.

Love doesn’t matter unless it takes you to the ends of the earth,

unless it makes you search for meaning and question all understanding,

unless it makes you follow the path of truth and righteousness.

It matters as long as something changes inside.

Love, love is everything.

Love is the most exquisite pain, it burns to heal and rejuvenate. 

Love manifests itself in many ways.

I see love when I look at your face.

I feel love when you do what you say. 

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter to me so much what you say?

Why do I go cold inside when I see her touch your face?

Silly of me to think that anything is strong enough

To break bonds sealed with time,

I’d never have enough to give to make you lastingly mine.

I’ll never have enough of you, so don’t go, please, I beg

Although I know its unhealthy

I can’t wipe away the images in my head.

Why does it matter to me so much what you don’t say?

In a way it means that my world is crumbling away.

The fragile walls I built on words that only soothed to take

 Fall from me as in my mind I slowly awake

As day breaks and the intention is clear.

You will not leave. I will not leave

And so we will stay.

Until the day my soul dies and I utter a last cry

I’ll say;

I always loved you anyway.


Don’t look me in my eyes and knowingly feed me lies in hopes that I don’t find

the truth.

The truth. Poor naked shrivelling wraith, shivering under the strength of my gaze.

The anger thrown on the emotions of the moment to fuel my fire

Burned our house of cards down to the ground.

Reality is an illusion and the only true good exists in dreams.

Far away from my senses, floating, seething shimmers escape my pores as I sink to the floor

Overcome with a kaleidoscope of feelings

Reeling from transparent blows, the kind that cause internal gaskets to blow.

Child’s pose; lying prostrate on the ground

Closed eyes see visions of a life and memories burning to the ground.

The low wailing sound somewhere far down reaches into the heart and turns it around

 Fills it with grief and replaces angry tears with sad eyes and a forlorn frown.

Too many times.

Lies, like a slap to the face. Like a shot to the head. Like a glass of water dunked while sleeping in bed.

A sharp dart designed to cover up and protect

Who is the protected is an unsolved argument yet.

Lies, to the one who knows the truth, create a confusion and leaves one unamused.

Perhaps puzzled and perplexed and pressured to either reveal knowledge or supress feelings

Weighty decisions, often discarded in the heat of flighty moments.

R is for regret. R is for remember. R is something you can never erase or forget.

I know the truth.

I, the oracle.

I know what you do.